• architectural designs

- we develop preliminary studies, building design, interior and urban designs               

  • project documentation

- we prepare documentation for each permission stage necessary for a successful building completion

  • thermal-technical assessment

- we design thermal-technical assessment for proposed constructions

  • energy certificate

- we are authorized to issue energy certificates after the final approval of the building

  • engineering work

- we represent investors in dealing with zoning and building permits, we liaise with authorities and institutions

  • author supervision

- we perform author supervision during implementation process

  • engineering work during completion

- we are licensed to perform construction supervision i.e. represent the interests of investors during implementation process



2692*A*1         -   civil engineer

179*1*2008     -   thermal protection of building construction and buildings

09795*10*       -   site manager for civil buildings

08614*10*       -   construction supervisor of civil buildings